“Personal Shopper” Bring this one on the road: It’s a little packet of soap powder containing chamomile, rice, lemon and sake; add a little water and it suds up.”
- ELLE -

Featured Magazine

Over the years, we have established large group of loyalty customers includes Movie Stars & Makeup Artists. In addition, our products have been wisely featured by many editors of the renowned beauty magazines.

“Geisha secrets” “Great Grains Powdered rice grains have long been touted as an Asian beauty recipe for glowing skin.”
MADEMOISELLE, October 1998, P.68

“Project: COOL” “Even beauty know-it-alls will see something new, like Komenuka Bijin, a scrub packaged in wee-anywhere packets”
BAZAAR, September, 1999, P.272

“Personal Shopper” Bring this one on the road: It’s a little packet of soap powder containing chamomile, rice, lemon and sake; add a little water and it suds up.”
ALLURE, April, 2000 P.72

“Exotic City” As the yen for the “secrets of the East” continues to ride high, a new Japanese skincare duo has become a cult favorite among hardcore beauty shoppers.”
ELLE, August, 2000, P.150

“Street Smart” “The global selection of products includes Komenuka Bijin, the gotta-have-it Japanese skin-care line.”
LOS ANGELES MAGAZINE, August, 2000, P.36

“Products that last forever” “stick of cleansers and creams going bad? Try new always-fresh powdered products – just add water to use….. Komenuka Bijin rice Bran Cleanser.”
RED BOOK, November, 2000, P.50

“Netshopper” “A peek inside apothia.com’s Hot Box, Komenuka Bijin Cleansing Powder.”
IN STYLE, November 2001, P.312

“Beauty Report” “L.A makeup artist Beth Katz, says, “You want a gently cleanser that’s normalizing and alcohol free? Look for something with the fewest ingredients - Komenuka Bijin Facial Clean Foam.”
IN STYLE, April, 2000, P.382

Discover the secrets of the Orient” “According to the lore, Japanese barmaids splash their client’s leftover sake on their faces to lighten age spots and sooth irritated skin. If you want to test this spirited practice, after cleaning you face, dab it with Komenuka Bijin Skin Lotion, a sake-based Toner from high-quality line of beauty products imported directly from Japan.”

“WHITE OUT” “Nipponsakari Komenuka Bijin Essence contains rice bran, an exfoliator rely on alternative lighteners such as Japanese white mulberry or arrowroot to do the job.”
ALLURE, December, 1998, P.40

BAZAAR, September, 1999, P.272


LOS ANGELES TIMES, December 3, 1999

JANE, January/February, 1999, P.27

“I Swear Buy!” “Now you don’t have to take off for Tokyo to try the new Japanese hair-care line Liv Tyler loves. The Armageddon starlet is hooked on Komenuka Bijin Shampoo and Treatment.”
COSMOPOLITAN, November, 1998, P.98

“135 Best Beauty Buys” “It leaves your hair so shiny, it’s amazing.” Say Denise Richards, who will star in the upcoming Dairy Queens, likes this shine-heightening shampoo from Japan. Liv Tyler and Jamie Lee Curtis are also known to be regular users.”
IN STYLE, March, 1999, P.230

“Best Sellers” “Suds Upped” “We all want different things from a bottle of shampoo…. Whether for coiffing or quenching, these shampoos are the ones getting women in a lather. Komenuka Bijin Shampoo”
ALLURE, November, 2000, P.66

“Fixes For Fine Hair”, “These new shampoos and conditioners include natural Asian ingredients such as rice bran and ginseng that give hair a body boost.”
TEEN PEOPLE, December 2000/January 2001, P.164

KOMENUKA BIJIN SHAMPOO, “Now practically every who works here is hooked!!”
LUCKY, August, 2001, P.74

ELLE, June, 1999, P.164

IN STYLE, July, 1999, P.134

“FLASH “ Japanese finds – Komenuka Bijin Skin Cleanser with rice bran, an age-old Asian exfoliator.”
MADEMOISELLE, May, 2000, P.53

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